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Updated on May 3, 2023 by Dr. Amr Hosny (Headache Specialist) of Advanced Headache Center

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Patient Experience

I had the most amazing experience with Dr. Hosny. He was very direct and true in his assessment and treatment plan for my migraine issues. His office is comfortable and inviting, and his staff was super helpful throughout the entire process. I felt so relieved after my appointment, and the treatment plan he recommended has already provided some much-needed relief. I appreciate his genuine care and concern for my well-being, and I highly recommend him to anyone struggling with migraine issues.

Glenn Bartolini

I had amazing moment with Dr. Hosny and his staff. The options available to me were thoroughly explained, and I felt completely at ease discussing my headaches. Dr. Hosny was honest and straightforward in his approach, and I felt like he really cared about getting me the relief I needed. The treatment plan he recommended was effective, and I'm happy to say that my headaches have significantly improved since my visit. Highly recommend!

Harry Gilliam

I had an excellent experience with Dr. Hosny. He's very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I appreciated how he took the time to explain my headache diagnosis and his treatment plan. The medicine he prescribed worked quickly, and I felt better almost instantly. The office was efficient, and the staff was polite and friendly. Overall, a great experience. Highly recommend this headache doctor.

Brian Stephens

I have chronic migraines for 20+ years, have tried several medications, some have worked obviously at the short term and some didn't, thanks to a recommendation from a friend of mine i have been seeing Dr. Hosny for the last couple of years. To live a normal life without the regular headaches is amazing. Wonderful staff and doctors, definitely worth coming to.

Marley Larson

I came to him mostly to get help with my severe migraines. After just one visit, I felt a lot better. The treatments weren't bad, either. They did give me very good treatment after all. Dr. Hosny was very straight-forward and knowledgeable.

Ryan Fetago

I have seen many other headache specialists in the past 5 years and none have been as thorough and detailed than Dr. Hosny. I would highly recommend him to any of my friends or family with head pain. It pays to find a provider that truly understands your headache and headache pattern. Dr. Hosny and his staff are extremely knowledgeable and I always feel confident in my care when I visit them.

Keith Fernbach

My wife recommended this facility after I complained several times of severe migraines, especially at night. I booked an appointment and was treated with great professionalism and expertise. My migraines have reduced, and with time they'll be long gone. Many thanks!

Javari L.
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