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Updated on Jul 9, 2021 by Dr. Amr Hosny (Headache Specialist) of Advanced Headache Center

Staff is great and friendly and they always greet me by name. The Dr’s know my problem and history without having to re-read a chart. Always clean offices.

Belinda A.

This is the third time I'm referring a family member. This seems to be genetic, but thanks God, we found our savior! Advanced Headache Center has been a solace to us as they were able to determine the problem and offer a lasting solution. Everyone has had nothing but progress after visiting them. Thank you!

Linda D.

I want to give all my gratitude to these doctors for helping my son. We've struggled for a long time with his headaches and tried so many doctors, but the problem wouldn't go. After a doctor referred me to Advanced Headache Center, we've seen nothing but progress. Thanks a lot!

Monica S.

My experience with Advanced Headache Center has been nothing but splendid! I've been there for the past two weeks, and so far, I've started seeing and feeling the results. My migraines have drastically reduced, and I'm positive they'll disappear.

Phillip B.

These doctors are very skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to pain relief for a headache. They explained the cause and how problem could be solved, and for sure they did. I have nothing but positive words for them!!

Wayne M.

I learned about this facility at work when a colleague told me he'd been there and his migraines had been treated. I didn't wait and went there the next day, and I found the best headache doctors for my problem. I can't thank them enough.

Mamie T.

If you're looking for the best headache doctor, I highly recommend this facility. We had tried numerous health facilities, but the headaches would always come back. These doctors know everything o do with headaches and will treat you for sure. They are highly recommended!

Betsy B.

When it comes to the best headache doctors, I highly recommend Advanced Headache Center. My son has always had these severe headaches, and despite everything we tried, they'd recur. Once we found this center, the problems disappeared, and we can't be more grateful.

Joseph G.

My wife recommended this facility after I complained several times of severe migraines, especially at night. I booked an appointment and was treated with great professionalism and expertise. My migraines have reduced, and with time they'll be long gone. Many thanks!

Javari L.

I was researching for the best headache doctor near me for my daughter and came across this facility. I contacted them, and they were very responsive, friendly, and affordable. I took my daughter several times, and she's never complained of headaches again.

Armond D.

Does migraine have a cure? This was the questions I'd ask myself every time, and I got my answer from Advance Headache Center. They were extremely helpful and made sure I was completely healed. Thank you so much!

Edith J. G.

I've had the best experience with Advanced Headache Center ever since I stepped in their headache center. They're very knowledgeable, friendly, and affordable. They treated my headaches, and I can't thank them enough.

Judith R.

When I first heard of this headache center, I wasn't sure specialists were specializing in headaches and migraines. I decided to try them out, and this was the best decision. They've been with me along the way, and I'm now okay.

Steve F.

For years, my father has always complained of migraines, which made his life a living hell. Many specialists failed until we found Advanced Headache Center. He was treated, and he's very happy! I highly recommend them.

Rebekah C.

I have been desperately looking for the best pain relief for headaches, and I'm glad I came across Advanced Headache Center. They were very professional and specialized in my condition. They gave proper medication, and I'll forever be grateful.

Cara F.

Migraines are a nightmare! I've resulted in painkillers and other medications, but the problems seem to persist. A doctor referred me to this facility , and I can't be more grateful. I've recovered and haven't had any pain since then.

Lorna M.

I'm super grateful to Advanced Headache Center for literally saving my life. I have had recurring migraines for years, but they treated me, and the problem is long gone. I highly recommend this facility.

Michael S.

I found the best headache doctor, thanks to Yelp. My son has always complained about severe headache, but nothing we tired worked. However, when we visited this facility, they immediately diagnosed the issue and treated him. He hasn't complained in months.

Jennifer B.

There's nothing as worse as constant headaches, and this is what I've experienced for years. I'd tried many medical options, but the problem would resurface after some time. A friend recommended Advanced Headache Center, and my problem hasn't and hopefully won't resurface. Thanks a lot.

Sarah M.

I had severe migraines and was prescribed several different meds by a neurologist. They made me feel horrible and didn’t help. I recently tried one of the injectables that Dr Hosny recommended and my excruciating pain went away within a day. I don’t even know if I am going to use the next monthly dose. I did not have any side effects. The injection hurts for a 2 minutes and then it’s done. It’s incredible. Dr Hosny always checks in with me and is always on top of something new out there. Absolutely worth trying.

Laurie G.

Came here for pain treatment. Staff was kind, courteous, and very knowledgeable of my issue. I continue to go on a weekly basis, and the pain has since subsided. Would recommend.

Sam L.

I went from having migraines almost 20 days out of the month, to literally almost no headaches or crippling migraines anymore. I was beginning to get hopeless and that I would just have to accept living with migraines forever, considering how many treatments and medications I had tried. Then I finally came upon this place, first off, the office is so clean and so calming, already helping to ease me. I didn’t have to wait long at all, the appointment time is exactly when they see you. The staff is so friendly and the doctors are phenomenal. I was impressed with their knowledge and patience, and how they took the time explain everything to me. And obviously I was beyond happy to have my headaches and migraines reduced to basically nothing! I can’t begin to thank these doctors enough for giving me a pain free life again!

Nadya H.

I have suffered from chronic headaches for about 3 years. I went to many doctors who were never able to do anything, at one point they were giving me so many medications, that everything was a haze. A friend of mine recommended me to Dr. Hosny who finally changed my life around!! Not only did he take the time to listen to me about my excruciating pain, but he ordered all the proper tests and was able to pinpoint where this horrible headaches were coming from. He didn’t just fill out a prescription and send me off like al other doctors did. But actually explained why and how this was happening to me, and the solution was so simple. No more medications no more debilitating headaches, just a simple injection once a month, and I can finally feel normal again. 100 percent would recommend to anyone who has pain and tired of suffering!

Haley A.
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