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Discover a top-rated headache doctor in East Brunswick who understands the complexities of headaches, is nearby, and is dedicated to ensuring you receive care tailored to your specific condition.
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Best Migraine Specialists in East Brunswick, NJ

Looking for a migraine doctor in East Brunswick, NJ? Turn to Advanced Headache Center for unparalleled care in addressing various headaches, from migraines to tension headaches.

Our committed team of board-certified neurologists and headache specialists caters to East Brunswick residents with a personalized approach. We leverage advanced diagnostic tools and the latest treatment options under the guidance of Dr. Amr Hosny, a skilled headache doctor certified in headache medicine, to deliver comprehensive and compassionate care tailored to your specific condition.

East Brunswick Top-Rated Headache Center

Contact the top headache center in East Brunswick, NJ, for additional information or to make an appointment with the area’s best-rated migraine specialist.

Experience a welcoming and comforting atmosphere at our NYC and NJ locations, where you can openly share your headache concerns. In East Brunswick, our center is led by an experienced migraine doctor and neurologist who employs advanced diagnostic tools and offers state-of-the-art treatment options. Recognizing the uniqueness of each headache, we adopt a personalized approach to precisely diagnose your head pain type and formulate a tailored plan that aligns with your specific needs, goals, and preferences.

The Services That We Provide in East Brunswick, New Jersey

Headaches vary from patient to patient, and Dr. Amr Hosny, a highly-rated, board-certified head pain specialist in East Brunswick, NJ, will tailor your treatment plan to your specific needs.

Discover lasting pain relief through a diverse range of treatments meticulously crafted for your unique head pain type and severity, encompassing:

Patients Talk About Their Headache Treatment Experience

Dr. Amr Hosny, a board-certified headache specialist and esteemed healthcare provider in the area, brings unparalleled expertise. His distinguished accolades, such as being recognized as a Castle Connolly Top Doctor and featured in New York Magazine, underscore his commitment to addressing migraines and various headache disorders. Dr. Hosny offers cutting-edge preventive and abortive therapies, providing tailored solutions for enduring primary and secondary chronic headaches, empowering you to reclaim control of your overall well-being.

Our Board-Certified Headache Specialists in East Brunswick, NJ

At East Brunswick Advanced Headache Center, acclaimed and board-certified headache specialists (acknowledged by Castle Connolly as Top Doctors) stand as your reliable allies for relief. Our approach is deeply personalized, providing individualized, one-on-one care and ensuring direct access to your dedicated specialist whenever you require support.

About East Brunswick, NJ

About East Brunswick, New JerseyIn the heart of Middlesex County, East Brunswick paints a portrait of suburban allure and contemporary vitality. Just a whisper away from the vibrant pulse of New York City, this thriving corner unfolds with a harmonious blend of historical resonance and modern charm. Colonial echoes resonate through the architecture, inviting residents to explore the pages of history at landmarks like the Old Courthouse, while tranquil parks like Frost Woods and Crystal Springs provide serene escapes. Beyond its historical roots, East Brunswick exudes contemporary energy, hosting dynamic farmers' markets, fostering artistic expressions in local galleries, and creating an atmosphere resonant with friendly camaraderie.

East Brunswick is a township in Middlesex County, New Jersey, situated within the New York Metropolitan Area. Its population was 49,715 at the 2020 census. Learn more about East Brunswick on its official website.

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If you seek a head pain doctor in East Brunswick, NJ, please contact us. We provide the most comfortable and efficient care in East Brunswick, a thriving township in Middlesex County with colonial roots echoing through its architecture and landmarks. We also offer care to individuals in neighboring communities and cities, such as Greenwich Village, Paramus, Riverdale, Englewood Cliffs, and New City.

Updated on Feb 6, 2024 by Dr. Amr Hosny (Headache Specialist) of Advanced Headache Center

Amr Hosny, MD, MBA, AQH

Dr. Hosny is an Ivy League Trained, UCNS-accredited, board-certified headache specialist who offers the latest preventive and abortive treatments to provide safe and effective head pain relief. As an active member of prominent organizations and professional societies that advance headache science, education, and management, such as the National Headache Foundation, Dr. Hosney specializes in diagnosing and treating a wide range of head pain disorders, including tension headaches, migraines, and cluster headaches, to name a few.

Dr. Hosny's reputation for enhancing headache care quality through the use of the most effective and technologically advanced treatment options for persistent primary and secondary chronic headaches has been acknowledged by Castle Connolly and Healthgrades, where he has received over 200 positive reviews. Dr. Hosny is also recognized as a distinguished New York City physician and headache specialist by New York Magazine.

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